Tuesday, January 22, 2008

William Croft

William Croft was an English composer and church organist who lived from 1678-1727. He is credited with writing the melody for the tune Eatington (SP 54, CM), to which we sang Psalm 146:1-10 this past Lord's Day (01/20/2008 A.D.).

Croft also composed tunes for Psalms 136 and 148, and is the same Croft for whom the tune Croft's 136th (SP 185, 66.66.88) is named. He is also believed to have written the tune St. Matthew (SP 157, DCM). Certainly we are all familiar with St. Anne (SP 106, CM); perhaps his best-known tune.

More about William Croft can be found in this article on Wikipedia.

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